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Having the blues (in a very good way)

Every now and then in my Etsy shop I notice I seem to have a lot of jewellery in a particular style, or by a particular maker, or in a particular colour. And the other day I realised I seem to have accumulated a lot of blue jewellery.

Blue jewellery in my Etsy shop, Inglenookery.

Sadly none of the stones is a sapphire: blue glass, sodalite, turquoise and chalcedony, plus wonderful blue enamel on the Joid’art ring at bottom left. I haven’t listed everything yet, and two of the brooches are already spoken for, but just today I put the wonderful NE From sodalite ring in my shop. I don’t expect it’ll hang around for long …

NE From sodalite and sterling silver modernist ring. Could it be any bluer? Click on photo for details.

Rings that remind me of things: Part 12

Part 12 of an occasional series about rings in my Etsy shop that remind me of things.


Art Deco green paste ring. For sale in my Etsy shop: click on photo for details.


The stepped Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara, Egypt.

So far I have had rings that remind me of an Iron Age hillfort, an alien spaceship, a cream horn, a radio telescope, Noah’s Ark, an octopus tentacle, spider eyes, Pluto and its moon Charonthe rings of Saturn, The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh and some lichen.

UPDATE: The ring is now sold. Sorry!