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Gardens Illustrated full set for sale, issues 1-244

I have been a subscriber to Gardens Illustrated since it launched in spring 1993, and have kept every single issue. However, it’s time to part with my collection – our tiny cottage is barely able to hold it now. So with a heavy heart I am selling the complete set of 244 issues.

My full set of Gardens Illustrated issues, Issues 1 (April/May 1993) to 244 (February 2017).

In 1993 I was already a member of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), and received their monthly journal, The Garden, and took other gardening magazines as well, and I remember when Gardens Illustrated launched what a sensation it was. It was unlike any other gardening publication, with its large format, amazing photography, glossy production, and articles by the greatest gardeners and garden writers of our time: Penelope Hobhouse, Arne Maynard, Anna Pavord, the late Christopher Lloyd, Beth Chatto, Piet Oudolf and Dan Pearson to name a few.

Gardens Illustrated has been described as ‘the Vogue of gardening media’ and ‘the world’s most beautiful gardening magazine’. It’s a stunning magazine, full of inspiring gardens and informative articles.

The set includes eleven slipcases (some of which have seen better days). Gardens Illustrated still sells these slipcases (£7.50 each to subscribers; £9.50 each to non-subscribers), if you want to complete the set. The set also includes an index of the first 50 issues, and most of the additional supplements that came with the magazine in the early years. The one missing one that I know of is a map of the gardens of Scotland, which I lent to a friend and never got back 🙁

The magazines are in good condition, generally. The very earliest ones are a bit raggedy (Issue 1 in particular, as it was against a rather damp wall for a while before I realised it was damp), and over the years the tops of the pages have browned a bit.

The back of issue 1, with damp damage.

I am selling the complete set of 244 issues, the eleven slipcases and the additional supplements for £600. This is a bit of a snip considering that individual issues are on sale on eBay at £3.00 to £3.25 an issue, with the rarer, older issues going for £3.90 or more each. I haven’t seen an Issue 1 for sale but no doubt it would go for a lot more than that! Gardens Illustrated sells back issues going back to Issue 145 (January 2009) for £4.40 an issue to subscribers and £5.50 to non-subscribers. Earlier issues than Issue 145 are not available from Gardens Illustrated.

Sorry but I offer pick up only on this: the buyer will have to collect, and I’m afraid I will only accept cash for the purchase. I am in south-west Wiltshire, about halfway between Shaftesbury and Warminster. Be warned that the set is both bulky and heavy! Why not make a day of it and visit Stourhead when you are in the area?

If you are interested in buying this set, please contact me through the comments section below.

Issues 1-26 in the first two slipcases.

Issues 27-52 in the third and fourth slipcases.

Issues 53-78 in the fifth and sixth slipcases.

Issues 79-104 in the seventh and eight slipcases.

Issues 105-131 in the ninth and tenth slipcases.

Issues 132-148 in the eleventh slipcase.

Issues 149-168.

Issues 169-192.

Issues 193-216.

Issues 217-244.

UPDATE 22 January 2018: These are still for sale, with an additional group of issues added (issues 245 up to and including the January 2018 issue, issue 256) and still at the same price. So even more of a bargain for £600!