I live in Wiltshire in England with my lovely (and long-suffering) partner and our cat. Over the years I have done many jobs, including frozen meat pie packer, theatre usher, bookshop worker, editorial assistant, and mostly archaeologist: after completing my BA Hons. degree in Archaeology and Anthropology I worked on digs in the Middle East for several years, for one of the UK’s largest archaeological units, for the National Trust as an Archaeologist/Warden, and as a freelancer. Now I am an archaeological researcher who only very occasionally does fieldwork (dodgy knees and even dodgier back means I can’t mattock and shovel like I used to), and a proofreader and copy editor, again mainly to do with archaeological publications.

I am very lucky that I was able to make one of my interests, gardening, into a part-time career. I have designed several gardens, one of which made it into The Yellow Book, and I worked as a freelance gardening journalist for a while, writing for The English Garden.

Another of my interests has spawned an Etsy shop. Even though I don’t wear jewellery myself, I have always been fascinated by sparkly things, and so I sell antique and vintage jewellery and other bits and bobs that catch my eye at my Etsy shop. Feel free to drop by.

I hope to add posts to this blog on a regular basis, and expect they will be on a rather odd mix of topics as I have some rather odd interests.

So welcome, and do have a poke about!


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  1. My friend Patricia Jon from Etsy shared your website with me which is absolutely wonderful! I have a single NE From earring that is so beautiful. I was wondering if this is something you would be interested in sharing with your viewers in case someone is looking for the match. Its the lovely button earring with floral silver work and large amber cabochon in the middle.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Linda

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve sent you an email about your earring – I have a feeling I know which design it is, and I was thinking of tackling that at some point too, so maybe I could include a little bit about your lonesome singleton too? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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